Green With Envy | 3 Tricks to Add Style to Your Small Kitchen With the Right Shade of Green

Green is an excellent paint colour choice for kitchen walls because it sparks feelings of soothing relaxation without compromising on its vibrant sophistication. But settling on a particular shade of green isn't always easy with the myriad of choices available to you, especially when you have a smaller kitchen. Find inspiration by using these tricks to add brilliant style to your small kitchen with the right shade of green.

Add A Vintage Touch To Spread Old-World Charm

When you have a small kitchen, you can use paint to add more charm to the space with a vintage finish. For example, a mellow green shade like pine green, moss green and mint green blends beautifully with rustic wooden cabinets and benchtops, making this an excellent choice for blending into your kitchen. By creating this blending effect, you will not overcrowd your kitchen and will enjoy a feeling of cheerful spaciousness while cooking. Avoid using too many shades of green in the kitchen because that will make the space feel more confined and closed up.

Consider Choosing A Green Floating Towards A Neutral Shade

Green paint comes in a variety of different shades, whether you're looking for olive green, bay leaf green, bottle green, sea green and much more. Some shades can end up being a little too intense for a small kitchen, which can end up making the space look incredibly small, even when it isn't. A neutral shade of green such as pale green or olive green will suit your kitchen perfectly because it will exercise the right amount of restraint without overpowering the space with colour. Greens with a bit of neutrality add a sense of easy charm and gentle calmness, so you don't feel frantic when cooking in your gorgeous green kitchen.

Add A Monochromatic Base With Bold Green Hues

If you're worried that the paint choice you choose is boring and plain, you can add beautiful bold green hues to dramatise the space. But because you have a small kitchen, you must ideally follow a monochromatic theme where you base colour remains the same as the bold decorative designs you plan to choose. For example, an olive green or artichoke green kitchen base can seamlessly integrate with bolder green colours like rainforest green and avocado green for a vivacious appearance without making your kitchen feel small.

Choosing paint doesn't have to be hard, especially when you use this guide to help you make the right choices for your personal situation.

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