Creative Ideas to Spruce up Your Walls

If your walls are no adequately decorated, they can appear bland and boring, and this would negatively affect the entire aesthetic of your interior design. However, when it comes to the attractiveness of their walls, what most homeowners consider are the conventional options of either painting the walls or applying wallpaper on them. The reality is that there is a myriad of their creative options that you could consider too. Below are some of the design ideas that you could consider to spruce up your walls.

Consider wall panelling

A misconception that some people may have of wall panelling is that it is composed of flimsy pieces of wood that will deteriorate in a short time. Although the older forms of wood panelling were designed simply with aesthetics in mind, advances in technology have ensured the new forms of wall panelling that are sturdy and functional too. With wall panelling, you have the chance to mimic the rustic appearance of log cabins while reinforcing the strength of your walls. In addition to this, new age wall panelling also provides your home with sound installation, making it great for rooms that may have constant activity such as a playroom, music room and more. Lastly, wall panelling comes in an assortment of finishes. If the rustic appearance is not your mind of style, you could consider other options such as marble finishes, granite finishes, leather finishes and more.

Consider mosaic wall tiles

Another design idea you could consider to decorate your walls is mosaic tiles. These tiles are quite simple to install, making them a suitable option for individuals that would like to decorate their walls on a cost effective budget. In addition to this, the mosaic wall tiles also function as splashbacks, thus ensuring that your walls are protected from an array of damages. Mosaic tiles are a better option to consider than regular tiling because they give you the chance to create intricate designs on your walls, which enhance their overall visual interest. Some of the different materials that you could consider to use for mosaic tiling include ceramics, metals, glass and even natural stone tiles!

Consider vinyl planks

When some people think of vinyl planks, they assume they are exclusively used for flooring. The reality is the benefits this material provides for your floor are the same benefits they will offer your walls too. For instance, since vinyl plans can mimic an array of materials, you get the chance to change the appearance of your walls to whatever you would like them to be. In addition, vinyl plans are waterproof making them ideal for rooms that may be exposed to high moisture such as your bathroom.

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