Should You Paint Your Home Before You Move In?

There are a variety of things you should do before moving into your new home. You typically want to walk through and have it inspected, have a pest control company come in to make sure no pests are hiding in dark corners, and give it a good cleaning. Another thing to consider doing is painting before you move in. Here are some benefits of painting your home before you move in, instead of waiting until after your belongings are already in their rightful place.

Painting is Easier in an Empty Home

If you have ever attempted to paint a room that is filled with furniture and décor items, you know how time-consuming and downright difficult it can be. If you choose to paint your home before moving in, it should hopefully be empty. You will be able to go from room to room, without needing to cover anything up, aside from wall outlets and baseboards if those aren't getting painted. You can also save money because you don't need to buy drop cloths or large sheets of plastic to protect your furnishings from paint splatter. From setting up to finishing the paint job, it goes quickly and easily.

You Protect Your Belongings

While you could cover your furniture and other personal items when painting the interior of your home, you still have the risk of damaging them with paint. Plastic tears easily, and gaps in floor cloths happen when walking over them. If you spill a paint bucket, it could soak through certain types of protection. By painting your home before you move everything in, you are saving all those precious heirlooms and expensive furnishings from being ruined. If you are planning on installing new carpets or flooring, do the interior painting before you do so. That way, any splatters that get on the flooring doesn't matter, because it is getting replaced anyway.

It Makes it Feel Like Your Home

Also consider that when you get your home painted before moving in, it feels more like your home. You are choosing the paint colors and starting with something that is custom for your own preferences. This can also guide you toward different interior decorating decisions, further helping you turn it into a home you truly love.

You can either paint the home yourself, or hire a painting company. With all the stress of packing and moving, it can be really helpful to hire a professional painter. For more information, contact a business such as Dyson Painters.

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