2 Important Aspects To Consider When Repainting An Investment Property

If you've just bought an investment property that you're planning to rent out, then you may need to make some alterations before advertising it on the rental market. Modernising a rental property is a good way to broaden the appeal to potential renters and to ensure that you receive the maximum rental income.

Repainting the interior of the property is an easy and inexpensive way to update a property without undertaking expensive remodelling. A fresh coat of paint can transform dark, dingy and dated rooms into light, bright and welcoming spaces. Before you book your painting contractors to begin work, here are two important aspects to consider.

1. The colour scheme

When deciding on a colour scheme, it's important not to let your personal tastes take precedence over practicality. You may love the idea of bright, bold feature walls and different shades in each room, but your prospective tenants may not. A better option is to stick to neutral shades that will appeal to a wider range of renters.

Using a single, neutral colour throughout the home is also a smart financial choice. It's a lot cheaper to buy a single paint variety in bulk than it is to buy many different colours in smaller amounts. Buying in bulk should also mean you have leftover paint, which can be used for touch-ups if any damage is done to the walls during a tenancy.

2. The choice of paint

Choosing the right paint to use in an investment property is as important as the choice of colour. Even the best tenants may scuff walls and this is even more likely if they have children or pets. Your paint choice can make a great deal of difference to how well the finish on the walls withstands the rigours of the tenancy.

Opt for a high-quality paint that has added polymers. These paint varieties provide a tough finish that is resistant to chipping and easy to clean. Although a high-quality paint may cost a little more initially, it will look stay looking pristine for a lot longer than cheaper varieties. It's also worth considering a paint that includes anti-bacterial and anti-mould properties to ensure your property stays safe and hygienic.

Repainting your investment property's interior is a simple way to make it feel fresher, more modern and more appealing to renters. Check out local repainting services to organise a quote and to begin the process of transforming your property's interior.

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