Painting Your Bathroom: 4 Top Tips

Painting your bathroom can make it look great. However, if you don't follow the 4 tips outlined below, you could find yourself facing a bit of a disaster. Don't let your DIY paint job ruin your bathroom; take heed for the four tips below.

Make sure there is adequate ventilation 

Paint can give off quite strong fumes, so it is important that you open any windows and the bathroom door to ensure that there is adequate ventilation. You may also wish to install a small fan on a stand to help to circulate the air. If at any point you feel yourself becoming unwell, you should go outside and breathe deeply.

Cover up the fixtures and fittings

The last thing you want is big blobs of paint dripping from your brush or roller onto the toilet or into the sink or shower. If this happens and you do not clean it up in time, you could really ruin the look of your bathroom, as it will be very hard to remove any paint which has dried. If you do notice that wet paint has dripped onto any of the fixtures and fittings in your bathroom, you should wipe the wet paint away using a clean, damp cloth as soon as possible.

To prevent this problem from occurring, you should take steps to cover up any fixtures and fittings using heavy sheeting or newspaper. The sheet and newspaper will form a barrier which will help to catch any stray bits of paint which drip from your roller or brush.

Choose a light-coloured paint

When choosing the colour of paint for your bathroom, it is typically best to choose one which is light in colour. A light-coloured paint such as yellow, pale blue or white will help to create a sense of cleanliness and space within your bathroom. Darker colours have the opposite effect and can be very oppressive.

Choose the right type of paint

You have the choice of either using semi-gloss or matte paint. Semi-gloss is best used on the walls and the ceiling of a bathroom. Semi-gloss paint is highly resistant to moisture, which means you will not have to worry about steam from your bath or shower damaging the paintwork. 

Matte paint does not have the same level of resistance to moisture as semi-gloss paint, so if you opt for this type of paint, you will also need to apply a sealant over the layer of paint to keep out moisture.

If you would like further information, you should contact residential painters.

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