Using Bold Colours to the Best of Their Potential

When it comes to interior painting, a significant number of homeowners tend to find bold colours an intimidating choice of paint for the interiors of their home. Making the wrong use of bold colour choices can be disastrous and make your home feel too loud but knowing how best to incorporate various bold hues could dramatically enhance the visual interest in your spaces. Selecting a majestic palette and pairing it with various décor techniques will lead to a beautiful paint job. So how can you use bold colours to the best of their potential?

Do not shy away from dramatic colour choices

Bold colours can become overpowering if you choose to paint the entire room one hue. Thus, the trick is not to shy away from dramatic colour choices while still having the restraint of utilising them moderately. A good place to start when considering bold colours for your interior space would be to select your focal wall. Do not worry about the pigment drowning out your accessories or furniture items. Instead, pick your choice colour dependent on the colour scheme of your upholstery. On the other hand, if you have a timber theme pervading the space, select warm hues such as yellows and reds that would complement the deep burgundy or pale blonde shades of timber.

Utilise contrast to enhance visual interest

An assumption that some people make concerning contrast is that it only infers to the effect of light and dark. The truth of the matter is that contrast is so much more complex than this. With contrast, you have the freedom and flexibility to create visual interest through a vast assortment of ways. For instance, dark timber furniture placed against a bold green wall would add contrast in the room; while still complement the artistic elements of the space. On the other hand, a bright red wall in a room furnished with blue striped fabrics would also make the space much more attractive. The trick to making the most of the contrast would be to determine a unifying aspect in the room then use this to tie in complementary elements such as background colours on walls, carpeting, window furnishings, and more.

Faux finishes will not make your space seem cheap

Another way that you can use bold colour choices to the best of their potential is by painting them as faux finishes around the interior of your home. The great thing about paint is how versatile it is. For instance, instead of investing in wallpaper, you have a myriad of faux finishing techniques to choose from such as stamping distressing, marbleizing and more.

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