Why Hire a Residential Painter for Your Home's Painting Needs?

Painting your home is not as simple as you might assume, and this is especially true if your home's walls need some cleaning and prep work before the painting, or if you're also considering having wallpaper hung, as this job is especially difficult to get done right. To ensure you know the best choice for your home's painting needs, and are happy with that painting job for years to come, note a few reasons why it's best to leave this work to a professional.


As said, your home's walls may be older and need some added sanding so they're smooth and ready for paint, but there is more to prepping a home for paint than just sanding or washing walls. Residential house painters will remove doorknobs and light switch covers, or will completely and carefully cover these with paper and tape, so they're protected. He or she will also know how to cover and protect the floors, either with paper that is taped to the floor or with a sturdy drop cloth that will ensure no paint drips onto the carpeting.


Choosing the right paint for a residential painting job is not as easy as you might expect; paint for a kitchen should more readily resist humidity and grease, and be easy to clean. If a wall is exposed to direct sunlight, a gloss paint may have a shiny look that you aren't expecting. Paint that is too thick may scratch very easily, whereas paint that is too thin may wash right off every time you clean it. A professional will know the right type and finish of paint, and be able to keep it at the right consistency as well.


You might assume that paying a professional is more costly than managing a paint job yourself, but note that you need more than just paint for this job. After you buy brushes, rollers, a stepladder, drop cloths, paint thinner, a coverall for your clothes, sandpaper and cleaning supplies, you may find that you've spent just as much as if you had hired a professional! A professional painter will have many of the items needed for painting, and will only need to buy fresh paint.

Consider, too, that professionally applied paint that is right for your home's walls will last much longer than poor-quality paint that is not applied properly, so you won't need to go through the process of buying new paint and equipment and having to repaint the walls again anytime soon when you hire a professional.

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