FAQ About Waterproofing and Coating Pedestrian Traffic Areas

Tired of your most popular pedestrian walkways wearing out? Want to avoid unsightly damage and costly repair bills? Then, it may be time to apply a pedestrian traffic bearing coating. Although this is a relatively popular option in the world of commercial waterproofing, it's a new concept to many people. Here's what you need to know. 

Where Can You Apply Pedestrian Traffic Waterproofing Systems?

These waterproof coatings are ideal for any area you want to protect from the effects of pedestrian foot traffic. That includes places inside your business such as walkways, corridors, and mechanical rooms, but if you own an apartment building or a commercial space, you may also want this coating on your balconies, rooftop decks and foot bridges. It also works for multi-story car parks, stadiums and a variety of other places.

What Is a Pedestrian Traffic Bearing Coating?

As indicated by their name, these coatings are designed to help areas bear pedestrian traffic more effectively. The exact coating varies based on the company you hire and how they assess your needs. However, some popular options consist of chemically cured polyurethane or epoxy along with a waterproof base coat. That's applied to different types of materials such as concrete, asphalt and tile.

What Other Features Can You Get With Pedestrian Traffic Coatings?

Sometimes referred to as membranes, these pedestrian traffic coatings can come with additional features that also help to improve your space. In particular, you may want to look for a coating that is non skid. This helps to reduce employee injuries, and it helps to avoid the slip and falls from customers or others that can often lead to a lawsuit.

Beyond that, these coatings can be elastomeric. That simply means that the coating is made of elastomers which essentially cause the coating to bond together and become a membrane. That fills any tiny cracks or pinholes in your surface, and that's what makes these coatings waterproof. Finally, if you are having the coating applied outside, you should ask about UV protection. That helps to stop the coating rom degrading in the sunshine.

How Do You Apply Commercial Waterproofing to Pedestrian Traffic Areas? Generally, you need to shut down the area for the day so that your specialists can put in the coating. Typically, they start by thoroughly cleaning the area to remove any debris and ensure the coating sticks. This involves power washing as well as using chemicals and potentially sandblasting the surface. Then, the crew "paints" on the coating.

To learn more about protecting and waterproofing your pedestrian walkways, contact a company that does commercial waterproofing. 

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