Avoid The Problems: Why You Shouldn't Paint Your Own Car Park Lines

If you own a commercial building, pay attention to the car park lines. If the lines are fading, it's time to have them repainted. If you've decided to save money by painting the lines yourself, you should rethink that decision. Car park lines might seem easy enough to paint, but that's not the case. In fact, you can make quite a few mistakes when you paint car park lines on your own. You should hire a professional car park line painting service instead. Read the list provided below. Here are some of the problems you may face if you tackle the car park line painting on your own. 

Colours Might be Wrong

If you've decided to paint the car park lines on your own, you might want to think about the colours. You might not realise this, but you need to use the right colours for all the lines in your car park. Some of those colours include white, blue, and yellow. White lines show traffic directions. White is also used for marking general car park spaces. Blue lines provide marking for handicapped parking, as well as for motorcycle parking. Yellow lines alert drivers to pedestrian thoroughfares, loading areas, and speed humps. When you hire a car park painting service, you know the colours will be right. 

Lines Might be Crooked

When you own a commercial building, you need to make sure that your car park lines are easy to follow. If they're not, there's an increased risk for accidents and injuries. If you want to paint your own car park lines, you need to think about precision. If the lines aren't precise, they might not be as easy to follow as they should be. Unfortunately, that can happen when you paint your own car park lines. That's why you need a professional service. When you hire a car park line painting service, you know that the lines will be clear and precise. That's because they use special equipment for the lines. 

Spacing Might be Off

If you want to provide a convenient place for your customers to park, you want the spacing to be accessible. If the spaces are too big, you won't fit as many cars in the car park. If the spacing is too narrow, your customers will have trouble getting out of their cars. Unfortunately, this could increase the risk of door dings and dents. To make sure the spacing isn't off, hire a car park line service. They'll ensure accuracy for all your parking spaces. 

For more information about fixing your car park lines, reach out to a local service.

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